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Connect, interact, share, and explore with people in your local community, as well as stay up to date on regional, national, and global events. The amount you interact and engage is up to you. It's absolutely free. You can, however, access proprietary content such as templates, job aides, frameworks - as well as receive conference and bootcamp discounts - with a Premium membership. The choice is yours. In the end, PAFOW's mission is to serve as a central connection point to learn about vendors, innovations, leading practices, press releases, events, and anything else going on in the ever-expanding world of People Analytics.  



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The westin philadelphia

September 5th & 6th, 2019

Bringing together leading speakers, disruptive thinkers and pioneering technology. Pre-register today, and reserve your place at this truly global event for HR, Analytics, IT, Finance and Business Strategy.


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PAFOW Academy - Fall 2019
from 1,595.00

November 4th - 6th, 2019


Join colleagues for the People Analytics & Future of Work Academy, in Santa Cruz, CA. Explore leading practices, emerging innovations in AI, machine learning, and neural networks, and how they'll be affecting employee experiences, data, analytics, and the future of work.


  • Amit Mohindra

  • Chris Broderick

  • Al Adamsen

  • Among others

Click here to make your reservation at The Dream Inn, the only beach front hotel in Santa Cruz. Space is limited to 24 professionals, so register at your earliest convenience to secure your spot.

Who’ll benefit from the Academy? Anyone interested in how people data and analytics will affect the future of work, from how it’ll change talent strategy formulation, measure, and management to how it’ll affect organizational culture — specifically individual, team, and organizational behavior. The Academy starts on Wednesday, the 22nd, at 3:00pm, and will run through Friday at 3:00pm. To be fair to everyone, participants must attend the full program. Academy content will build on itself and there will be pre-work and sharing, thus continuous participation will not only benefit you, the participant, it will benefit your fellow cohort members as well.

The Academy is what we call an education/consulting hybrid. Yes, you will learn about concepts, models, and use cases, yet you will also create deliverables specific to your company. The high flow of the 2.5 days is as follows:

  • The Current & Future States of Organizations, Talent Strategy, & People Analytics

  • Useful Models and Leading Practices

  • Engaging in the Audit, Vision, & Roadmap (AVR) Process for your Organization

  • Use Cases and Cautionary Tales

  • Prioritization: What Stories Need to be Told? For Who? And for the Sake of What?

  • Beginning with the End in Mind: Change-Making Communications with Data & Story-telling

  • Appropriate Strategies Given the Pervasive Nature of Data & Analytics in HR and beyond

  • Flexing the Muscle: Practicing YOUR Role in the Data-to-Change Process

  • Putting Together the Organizational Roadmap as well as the Personal Development Plan

In the end, participants will walk away with a personal development plan, an organizational roadmap to imbed data-based decision-making, and a set of experiences that will take concepts out of the theoretical realm and into day-to-day actionable reality. For questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Lyndsey Sanders at lyndsey.sanders@pafow.net. Hope to see you there!

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Peer Groups



What's the best next step for me and my organization? What innovative practices, measurements, data sources, and technologies are out there? How can I push the envelope and create new ways of delivering value to leaders, managers, and employees themselves? This is what the People Analytics Innovation Lab is all about. It's about collaborating with the most progressive talent strategy and analytics leaders in your region and around the world.  It's about generating cutting-edge ideas and delivering unique value at a speed that would otherwise be difficult, if not impossible to attain. To learn more and apply to be in the Lab, please click below. 



Is your organization just starting out or in the early stages of creating an internal people analytics capability? Maybe its had a few starts and stops over the years, and is thus struggling to sustain attention, deliver measurable value, and command additional resources. If so, the People Analytics Accelerator will help you and your organization get passed these challenges.  It's confidential. It's tailored to your unique needs and those of your organization. It's resourced with proven models, a continuously updated content library, and experienced facilitators - those who've actually sat in internal people analytics leadership roles. So, if you're looking for create or refine a people analytics vision and roadmap to achieve it, considering all the new trends, technologies, and leading practices in the space, then this is likely the place for you. To learn more and apply to be in the Accelerator, please click below. 



The scope of People Analytics has been growing over the years. For a long time, most regarded it as project-based research - study a certain phenomenon, identify key drivers, outcomes, strength of relationships, etc.  To others it meant aggregating data from disparate sources, presenting those data in a tool, and facilitating basic reporting and cluster analysis.  Now, many consider people analytics to be technology products backed by machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI). However you define it, and whatever your organization's priorities are, we all need to appreciate the distinctions and seek to learn from those doing similar work in other organizations. 

As such, we've created the PAFOW special interest groups (SIGs). These include:

  1. Talent Strategy: Driving Change & Better Executive Level Involvement

  2. Capability Building: Analytics & Story-Telling within the HR Community

  3. Data Aggregation & Database Management

  4. Data Visualization: Reporting, Dashboards

  5. Tableau: Using for HR Reporting & Analysis

  6. Advanced Research Techniques

  7. PA Technology: Innovative Tools & Enhancements of Existing Ones

  8. Employee Surveys: Leading Practices & Innovations

Others will be forthcoming based on need and interest. To learn more and to join one, please click below. 



Want to connect with other people analytics professionals in your area?  The easiest way is to participate in a local meet-up. These happen 4 or 5 times per year in most large municipalities around the country. If that meets all your needs, great. If, however, you'd like a facilitated experience that helps you get actual work done, then consider a Local Roundtable.  These peer-groups are limited to 15 professionals, the goal being to allow space and time for each member to share and explore ideas, as well as stay abreast of leading practices, thought leadership, innovative technologies, and overarching trends in talent markets. To learn more and to join one, please click below.



Ask Al

Do you have a question about talent strategy, performance measurement, workforce planning, and/or workforce analytics? Ask Al and he will respond with a video or private message! 

Head over to the Al Adamsen YouTube channel to explore more. 




It’s the people that make it awesome! Deeply grateful to all who brought People Analytics & Future of Work 2018 to life. The list is simply too long for one post, so here I’ll extend a heartfelt “Thank you!” to the amazing people who took the time to share their extraordinary work and ideas: RJ MilnorHeather Whiteman, Ph.D.Jeremy Welland, Ph.D.Michael Arena, PhDLaurie BassiJeff Higgins, David Gainsboro, Scott Walker, Jonathan FerrarJosh BersinCharlotte NagyNicky ClementGianpaolo BarozziGeetanjali GamelMichelle Deneau, and, of course, my co-chair & collaborator, David Green. As is evidenced by the sentiments shared directly to me and online, each of you were outstanding! The exploration, energy, ideas, and inspiration simply wouldn’t happen without you.

Thanks also to the sponsors, those pushing the envelope and bringing great ideas to life: Visier, OneModel, GLINT, TrustSphere, AON, Ascendify, Peakon, Zoomi, Domo, WhoZoo, Cultivate, Vemo, Elucidate, OrgVitality, & Worklytics.

Finally, a special thanks to Richard Rosenow & Dave Millnar of @HRCurator for sharing highlights of #PAFOW during the two days. Again, SUPER grateful to you all, and let’s continue to make great things happen!




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