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Learning Labs
Join our education/consulting hybrid experience to benefit you and well as your organization.  Delivered over 4 to 6 weeks by world-renowned subject matter experts our labs are delivered to public cohorts comprised of professionals from various organizations or they’re delivered exclusively to a cohort within a specific organization.  Click the button below to learn more about pricing, timing, and lab leaders.  
Advisory & Coaching
Want to educate and align your team around leading practices, technology innovations, and current trends?  Want a coach to serve as a collaborative thinking partner to design and deliver strategies at speed, at scale, and that are sustainable?  If so, enlist our faculty to help facilitate uniquely valuable, action-inspiring discussions.  The button below will provide pricing options and ways to take the next step. 
PAFOW Supporter
Whether it be for yourself or for your organization, membership will enable you to access content and resources that are timely, relevant, and actionable.  Based on our 20+ events per year, as well as from our podcasts, shows, and research, our videos, audios, documents, and tools are housed in a Resource Library on the (virtual) PAFOW Campus as well as on the PAFOW Community mobile app.  Stay informed and empowered with proven tools and resources when and where you need them. 
Sponsorship Options
Want to elevate your brand among those leading cultural, digital, and data-based transformations in organizations around the world?  If so, our online events, virtual resource library, mobile app, research, and social media presence all help educate and inspire current and future generations of leaders, influencers, and practitioners. Sponsorship options range from an annual Platinum Sponsorship for more established firms to Gold and Silver sponsorships for scale-ups, start-ups, and education partners.  If your organization wants to build awareness while promoting the People Data for Good movement, contact us to learn and explore more.

Learn about upcoming events, current news, trends, resources, career developments, and more via the People Data for Good Newsletter. Delivered every two weeks, it's the clear, concise, and actionable window into the world of people data, analytics, AI, and it's impact on people and the future of work.

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