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Created by leaders and practitioners, for leaders and practitioners. Come share, learn, explore, and create and the Philadelphia version of the PAFOW global event series. It’s now the preeminent event bringing together leaders, practitioners, vendors, academics, and all those interested in how people data and analytics will affect the future of work and, in fact, our daily lives. People Data for Good is what we stand for. Hope you’ll join us!

September 5th & 6th, 2019 the PAFOW Conference will be coming to Philadelphia, PA. Details and agenda to be release the week of May 17th. See you there!

Bringing together leading speakers, disruptive thinkers and pioneering technology. Pre-register today, and reserve your place at this truly global event for HR, Analytics, IT, Finance and Business Strategy.

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This year's theme, one that'll remain with us ongoing, is People Data for Good. We've selected this based on the need to lead a conversation around how people measurement and analytics are being used to benefit workers of all types, as well as the leaders and organizations they serve. As data generation and use becomes more pervasive, it's now our collective challenge to understand the boundaries and, in turn, choose wisely. With this in mind, this year we'll be coupling the leading practices and ideas shared by many of the world's foremost People Analytics leaders with what we call the People Analytics Technology Expo. Key themes will include:

  • Talent Acquisition and Workforce Planning

  • Employee Engagement, Diversity & Inclusion, and Culture

  • Learning, Performance, Rewards, and Internal Mobility

  • Organizational Network Analysis / Relationship Analytics

  • Data Aggregation, Visualization, and Distribution

  • Ethics, Privacy, Communication, & Responsible Use

Hope you'll join us, and to makin' great things happen!