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Organize an event and build a People Analytics community in your region by joining and managing the event through the Global People Analytics Platform.

Welcome the world’s premier network of professionals promoting the ethical and responsible use of people data

From GDPR to innovative organizational, team, and individual insights, we’re dedicated to seeing people data used transparently, creatively, and with an unwavering commitment to protect the rights and well-being of individuals. We share insights, ideas, and proven methods through a series of conferences, roadshows, videos, podcasts, and other media.

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Connect, interact, share, and explore with people in your local community, as well as stay up to date on regional, national, and global events. The amount you interact and engage is up to you. It’s absolutely free. You can, however, access proprietary content such as templates, job aides, frameworks – as well as receive conference and bootcamp discounts – with a Premium membership. The choice is yours. In the end, PAFOW’s mission is to serve as a central connection point to learn about vendors, innovations, leading practices, press releases, events, and anything else going on in the ever-expanding world of people data and analytics.  

Available in the iOS App Store and Google Play. Works on phones, tablets, and via browsers. Access content and community when and where you want.

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Thought leader, speaker, advisor, and Chair of the People Analytics & Future of Work Conference. Join Al Adamsen as he interviews executives, practitioners, academics, entrepreneurs, technologists, futurists, and others innovating candidate and employee experiences and their relationships with technology, data, outsource providers, contractors, and other realities of 21st-century life.

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People Analytics & Future Of Work specializes in providing premium events, such as conferences and academies – centered around People Analytics, Employee Experience, AI, Globalization and more.

We have over 100 videos featuring some of the world’s most accomplished practitioners, thought leaders, and analytics vendors from our events around the world!

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