Workforce Planning

Building a Workforce Plan

This Lab is for those who want to build a workforce plan for a segment of their workforce, ready for action in the New Year.

6 weeks (2 hours contact a week)
Next Lab: 17th Nov 2020

About this Lab

The lab’s focus is for you to walk away with a Workforce Plan after 6 weeks.

In the first week we will cover Workforce Planning Foundations and agree on your scope; identifying the part of the workforce you want to focus on.  Then each week will see you building a part of a Workforce Plan: Workforce Scan, Current State, Future View, Gap Analysis and Action Planning.

The Lab will be led by Tess Walton, a Workforce Planning practitioner and consultant, who focuses on developing capability. Her approach is to introduce tools and techniques to develop organizational workforce planning capability and therefore sustainable practices, rather than a one-off event or consultant dependent workforce planning.

Each week will involve sharing structured content, providing tools and techniques that you can then adapt and adopt to your world. Progress will be reviewed by Tess with each participant receiving personalised feedback in the form of appreciation and extension, through document review and discussion.

Contact hours are 2 hours each week online with other participants and approximately 2-4 hours effort between sessions (which if delivering a workforce plan is part of your job description, it’s not additional effort to your week).

Regarding scope: Workforce Plans can be strategic, operational or tactical, depending on what best suits your interest and the organisation readiness (something to cover in the first week).

Indicatively, Lab workforce plans will be for a segment of your workforce such as for a job family or group of positions that have similarities in terms of their characteristics. What you learn in the 6 weeks, can then be extrapolated for other parts of the organisation.

Indicative Course Outline

Week 1:

Workforce Futuring Fundamentals, Discovery and Planning

Week 2:

Workforce Scan

Week 3:

Current State

Week 4:

Future View

Week 5:

Gap Analysis and Action Planning

Week 6:

Executing and monitoring the plan, and Next Steps

Lab Leader

Tess Walton

Tess Walton

Tess Walton is a people strategist, practicing futurist and workforce planning practitioner that has been working with organisations to ready their workforce for the future.  In her 20 years + experience in this field Tess has been engaged by many industries, public and private, multi-nationals, federal, state and local government in the US, UK, Australia, New Zealand, India, Philippines and Singapore.

Tess advocates that her clients only engage consultants where and as required, and in any engagement, she focuses not just on delivering, but on skills transfer to internal resources to develop internal capability and therefore sustainable practices rather than a one off event.  Further, Tess’ experience in this field recognises that, no two organisation’s workforce situations are the same – each issue is experienced differently by different organisations, thus Workforce Planning, People analytics and Talent Acquisition requires a tailored approach to factor in the organisation’s DNA. 
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