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Come share, learn, explore, and get things done in these education-consulting hybrid experiences.

It takes more than just knowing something to develop a capability, which is why PAFOW Labs offer unique ways to develop your personal skills while also progressing real world work at your organization. They are taught over 4 to 6 weeks by a faculty of world-renowned experts, who are experienced practitioners as well as educators. 

All Labs are USD $899.99, and include membership to the PAFOW community resources for 3 months. If already a PAFOW member, you only pay $799.99.

Each Lab has limited places to ensure ample attention and meaningful interactions formally and informally (many of the labs provide one to one coaching opportunities).  If you want to know more about the PAFOW Learning Lab concept, explore a Learning Lab run for your organization, you have an idea for a lab, or you just have a question, please fill in our form below.

This Lab is for building mindful Leadership as you work with People Data for Good.
Al Adamsen

Al Adamsen

Founder & CEO - PAFOW, Inc.

This Lab is for those who want to build a workforce plan for a segment of their workforce, A great way to start 2021.
Tess Walton

Tess Walton

Strategic Workforce Planning Consultant and Coach

This Lab is for accelerating your people analytics skills and driving business outcomes.

Heather Whiteman


This Lab is for ways in which to turn HR data into ISO & SEC compliant metrics and reporting and insightful story telling.

Jeff Higgins

Founder & CEO at the Human Capital Management Institute

This Lab is for “founding” people analytics leaders – an organization’s very first people analytics leader.

Amit Mohindra


If you're interested in exploring Labs for your organisation, then read here about the different options for leveraging the PAFOW resources and faculty for your requirements.
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