Human-centered design

Human-Centered Design Explained And Taught By Experts

Human-centered design is necessary for solving problems finding their root cause. There are 4 different principles on which this design is established. As an HR, you definitely want to know about all of this and be well skilled in using it when in need. 


And if you want to learn about it, you are at the right place. Here at PAFOW, we have our very own learning platform called Learning Labs, where we have courses on human-centered design thinking and much more!

Human-Centered Design Definition 

If we had to define the whole phenomenon in simple words, it is essentially a set of principles that deals with solving a problem by identifying its core causes and fixing it. It is a mindset, as well as, a tool that can be applied for creating long-term positive impacts for the solution’s users. As the name suggests, it is more people-oriented than product or service-oriented. 

Human-Centered Design Thinking 

There is actually some confusion about human-centered design and human-centered design thinking. Design thinking and HCD are actually slightly different concepts. 

Design thinking is more of a five-step process, which results in the effective development of solutions or even products that can be adopted by the user. This paired with HCD can make changes in a workplace that might as well be considered revolutionary. 

Learn More About Human-Centered Design 

Of all the concepts that you might have to learn as an HR, knowing about human-centered design is something that will benefit you greatly. Many people go as far as to getting higher educational degrees in this subject. Many reputed universities offer this as a major or master’s and Ph.D. courses. 


But if you want to know more about it, in-depth, without spending a fortune on a university degree, come join us at Learning Labs!

Get To Learn From Our Expert Educators 

We have the access to the world’s biggest HR professionals and educators who have basically decades of experience working with people, solving problems that you just can’t learn from a book. These are real leaders who have solved real-life problems using the HCD and Design thinking concepts. 


When you sign up, you get to interact with them and learn things that you never thought you could get for such an affordable price. 

The Prices For Learning Labs Is Pretty Low

The subscription fee for Learning Labs is pretty affordable and comes at much lower than what a university would offer. Besides, you get to enjoy various special benefits as a PAFOW member, so we assure you that it would be totally worth it. 

Sign Up Today!

So, without wasting any more time come join us at Learning Labs! You will get to learn about human-centered design and human-centered design thinking with loads of examples and experiments as well. Check out our podcast “people data for good” where our founder speaks to many leaders who share their opinion and experiences in the HR industry. Become a member today!

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