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Learn More About Human Capital Index Report 

When running a business that deals with international employees who work remotely, you might want to have a good understanding of the human capital index report. Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t even know what it is and why it is so important for an HR. 


Well, you don’t have to worry about that anymore, because here at PAFOW, in our learning platform Learning Labs, we have educators discussing the important things about the HCI. 

What Is The Human Capital Index?

So, what exactly is the human capital index? It is essentially a metric which puts a benchmark on key components of human capital throughout the world in different countries. It highlights how health, education, and care can shape a person’s productivity by measuring human capital for every child that takes birth today. 

Why Is It Necessary For The HR Industry 

Okay, it makes sense, but why is it necessary? What makes it so important for an HR? Well, the thing is, when you collect statistics and understand the data, you can predict what the future might have in store. 


By analyzing the data from the human capital index report you can predict what the future generation will be like. You can understand what kind of motivation they will have, how productive they will be, and how much they will contribute to society. 

Why Should You As An HR Know About It 

An HR needs to be aware and well-informed of this because it can be very useful while recruiting employees. Having known the report of previous years, you as an HR, can understand if the person has achieved their full potential or not, and if they can be improved. 


It can surely be incredibly helpful to have good knowledge about the HCI of various years. This is why we encourage new HRs to study the reports and learn more about them. 

Learn From Experts How It Can Be Useful

And if our words here are not enough, we suggest you check out the community at PAFOW. There are innumerable individuals who are highly experienced in the HR industry and can tell you how important the HCI is. 


You can sign up for a course on how to become a better HR or something along the lines of Learning Labs. The same educators talk about these concepts with examples in-depth in those courses. 

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If the courses seem too expensive for you, you can always just tune into our podcast “people data for good” and listen to HR experts and leaders share their opinions on such matters. 

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