human capital analytics case studies

Human Capital Analytics Case Studies 

As an HR, there are a large number of things you should be skilled in. Aside from skill, you also need to learn various strategies to improve employee performance and increase productivity. One of such strategy is using human capital analytics. 


Since it is a widely known concept, experienced HRs encourage learning how to use these analytics from real life examples. So, if you would like to research some human capital analytics case studies, we at PAFOW would be more than happy to help out!


Why Human Capital Analytics Is Important 

Analysis of human behaviors in workplace and their tendencies can help predict various situations in the industry. HRs can quickly detect which employee is plotting to leave the company and who is going through a poor employee experience. 


Studying human capital analytics can heavily impact an organization’s stability and productivity, as you would be making substantial changes based on your intuition and using simple logic. 


How Case Studies Can Help Understand It Better

Let’s face it, we understand things much more easily when we look at comprehensive examples. Simply learning the definition of a certain concept will not cut it, you will have to understand it from examples. 


When it comes to learning this kind of stuff, your best chance at understanding it thoroughly is by checking out different case studies. 


Case Studies That Are Informative And Interesting

There are various cases studies on human capital analytics that help define and explain the concept in the most elaborate way possible. Some famous case studies on human capital analytics are:


  • The Algorithm That Tells The Boss Who Might Quit (Wall Street Journal)
  • Competing On Talent Analytics (Harvard Business Review)
  • Flight Risk At The IBM Company 
  • Predictive Model By Nielsen 
  • A/B Testing Employee Training (by Tony Brugman and Rob Van Dijk)


We Help You Learn All This In Learning Labs 

While these case studies can be found on the internet, you won’t find the perfect explanation of them that helps you understand them properly. This is why here at Learning Labs by PAFOW, we have educators teach the learners who to best learn from these case studies by breaking them down and discussing these case studies in detail. 


Explained By The World’s Finest HR Experts 

If you want to use the privilege of having world-class HR experts and educators share their wisdom and their opinion on these case studies, you HAVE to join Learning Labs. These extremely talented people focus on teaching the learners all about HR practices, particularly how to use human capital analytics to your advantage, etc. 


Join Learning Labs By PAFOW Today!

So, if you’re interested in learning more about it from human capital analytics case studies, be sure to sign up for Learning Labs and get enrolled in our HR courses today! You will be able to learn the vital concepts of being an HR and the industry in general from these courses, so we assure you you won’t regret it!

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