HR digital transformation

The Process Of HR Digital Transformation 

With the passage of time, everything is slowly going digital. Countless businesses that were traditionally manual, have switched to digital in the past several years. From the digitization to old documents to be available online, to shifting entire businesses from being physical to digital, the whole process is called digital transformation. 

While this seems exciting, many people think HR digital transformation is bad for the HR industry as a whole. That couldn’t be further from the truth, and we at PAFOW are here to explain why. 

Digitization And Digitalization 

First, let’s get the confusion between the two out of the way. Digitization refers to the conversion of physical objects to digital. On the other hand, digitalization means shifting entire processes and operations from manual to digital. 

Digital Transformation Of HR

Digital transformation of HR means both digitizations of all the HR-related paperwork as well as shifting the operational methods to digital ones. Using various tools to get tasks done that would otherwise take forever when done manually. 

The digital transformation of a company’s HR can exponentially boost productivity. Using new technologies to deal with problems and solve them, is the core motive of this transformation. 

An HR’s Role In This Transformation

An HR’s job during this whole transformation is to promote it. What we mean by this is that they would convince the other team members and employees that it would be a beneficial change and would make everything easier and more convenient. 

As their job title suggests, HRs deal with humans. Their job is to understand, manage, convince and control all the issues related to their colleagues or the customers. 

The HR can implement various experiences that could make the learning of the new digital methods more interesting and exciting

AI Is Good And Can Make Things Easier

Many HRs think that AI is bad for their job and they would be replaced by this technology. Little do they think that this AI can be controlled by human knowledge and be used for the benefit of the organization. 

Using AI tools, HRs can not only make their job easier, but they can also convince other employees to implement AI into their working methods as well. 

Should I Go For HR Digital Transformation?

Many businesses seem to be afraid to transform their HR into digital. And their concerns are valid for a few specific reasons. You have to answer the following questions to confirm if HR digital transformation is possible or not:

  1. Is it going to make processes easier?
  2. Is this goal sustainable?
  3. Will it be hard to afford?

If your answers were yes, yes, and no, you should definitely go for the shift. 

We Explain It All In Detail In Learning Labs 

If you want to learn more about HR digital transformation, we recommend enrolling in our very own course called Learning Labs, where our expert educators talk about everything HR and help promote using new technologies and tools in the HR industry.

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