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Organize an event and build a People Analytics community in your region by joining and managing the event through the Global People Analytics Platform.

PAFOW stands for People Analytics & Future of Work.  PAFOW, Inc. is now pursuing an application to become a Public Benefit Corporation.  It’s mission is People Data for Good — promoting the responsible and ethical use of people data, analytics, and AI for the benefit of individuals, teams, groups, organizations, and society at large.  PAFOW, Inc. is based in Santa Cruz, California, USA.

PAFOW, Inc. was founded and run by Al Adamsen.  Al is a globally recognized thought leader, advisor, and educator in the areas of People Analytics, Talent Strategy, Workforce Planning, Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion, Employee Engagement & Well-being, Ethics, Organizational Change, and the Future of Work. He’s the Founder & CEO of the People Analytics & Future of Work (PAFOW) Community & Conference Series, a global network committed to promoting People Data for Good: the responsible and ethical use of people data, analytics, and artificial intelligence (AI) for the benefit of individuals, teams, groups, organizations, and society at large. While running PAFOW, Al co-founded Insight222, an organization committed to accelerating the positive impact People Analytics has in large enterprises. Before founding PAFOW, Al held leadership roles at Ernst & Young, Gap Inc., Infohrm (now SuccessFactors/SAP), and Kenexa (now IBM). Over his career he’s served clients such as Disney, Uber, McKesson, Boeing, Comcast, Heinz, Mayo Clinic, Stanford University, among many others. He and his content have been featured in leading magazines, webinars, podcasts, and learning content. He’s also a frequent keynote speaker, host of the People Data for Good Podcast, and author of a host of models including the Talent Assessment & Development (TAD) Framework, an innovative approach to aligning individual development with educational, organizational, and societal development. In addition to his career pursuits, Al is an avid beach volleyball player and honored father of two outstanding young people. He and his family live in Santa Cruz, California. 

The PAFOW Campus is an always-on virtual environment built on the 6connex platform.  This leading-edge technology enables content sharing, communication, collaboration, etc. in uniquely engaging rooms.  Events will occur on the PAFOW Campus nearly every other week over the course of the year.

You access the PAFOW Campus by filling out the registration (can access it through this link).  At the end of the registration process you will hav the option to pay $99.99 or enter for free.  The paid option enables you to download session content and access the PAFOW Community App over the next 12 months.  The PAFOW Community App is also where PAFOW’s content library resides.

If you’ve already registered for the PAFOW Campus you can access it by clicking here.

The PAFOW Community App is downloadable from the Apple App Store and Google Play.  It’s build on the Mighty Networks platform, and enables access to PAFOW’s content library.  The app is organized in Studios, groups associated with a geography, theme, event, or bespoke group.   Also within the app are PAFOW’s Learning Labs.  The app is now a for fee community costing $99.99 USD per year.  For this registrants also get access to the PAFOW Campus.  You can learn more by clicking here

A Learning Lab is a 4 to 6 week education-consulting hybrid.  The experience is meant to deliver value to the individual learner as well as the sponsoring organization.  Labs are taught by some of the most accomplished practitioners and thought leaders in the world.  Lab sizes are limited to 24 learners and they’re offered throughout the year.  Themes addressed include People Analytics Research, Workforce Planning, Evidenced-based Decision-Making, Mindful Leadership, among others.

Yes.  Absolutely.  Contact us to learn more.

Yes.  Absolutely.  Contact us to learn the available options.


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