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Upcoming Events

Nov 18th-19th: PAFOW Atlantic

What was going to be our in-person event in New York City, this is now a regional event capturing the Eastern US and Canada.  Come join thought leaders and influencers from up and down the East Coast as we explore leading practices and innovations in people analytics, employee experience, diversity, equity, and inclusion and more. 

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Dec 3: Talent Market Analytics

The proliferation of data is now enabling recruiting, org design, real estate, and other professionals understand where talent is as well as where it’ll likely be in the future.  Such insights, when used thoughtfully, can reduce risk and increase the liklihood that investments and strategies reap the desired return. 

Dec 17: Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion
As we move into the holidays it’s a hope that we all strive to empathize with and, in turn, respect, appreciate, and honor the unique experiences of all human beings. How can we, in organizations, can facilitate this? How can we sustain and enhance cultures of inclusivity and respect over time? These and other questions will be explored.
Jan 7: Learning & Worker/Employee Experience
At the start of the new year we’ll be discussing how to elevate people through the design, implementation, and iterations of intentional experiences for all workers. How will workers be learning? How can learning be best measured? How will learning translate into skill development and improved job opportunities? These questions will be addressed along with others relating to human-centered design.
Jan 27-28: PAFOW Global Conference
We’ll be following the sun again. Thought leaders, influencers, academics, technology providers and others will be sharing insights and ideas on where we are, where we’re headed, and how data, analytics, and AI will be influencing the year ahead.
Feb 4th: People Strategy & Digital Transformation

People Strategy.  Talent Strategy.  Workforce Strategy.  Whatever term you use, the need to appreciate the evolving integration between People Strategy, Location Strategy, Digital Transformation, Workplace Experience, and Remote Work is critical. Everything from decision-making processes, to data architecture, to technology selection will be explored.

Learning Labs

Mindful Leadership Lab

Lead Instructor: Al Adamsen

4 Week Course
Al Adamsen

Al Adamsen

Founder & CEO - PAFOW, Inc.

Workforce Planning Lab

Lead Instructor: Tess Walton

6 Week Course
Tess Walton

Tess Walton

Strategic Workforce Planning Consultant and Coach -Talent Risk Management

Human Capital Reporting Lab

Lead Instructor: Jeff Higgins

4 Week Course

Jeff Higgiins

Founder & CEO at the Human Capital Management Institute

Workforce Planning Lab

Lead Instructor: Tess Walton

4 Week Course

Dan George

Founder & Piperkey Consulting

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