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Learn How To Improve Digital Employee Experience 

Digital employee experience is a big deal in the year 2021. While running a business or organization in this day and age, providing your employees the best experience working with your online is extremely essential. 


However, not every manager or HR knows enough about how to do so. Well, here at PAFOW we’ve created a learning platform called Learning Labs where we teach you all about it. 

Benefits Of Good Digital Employee Experience 

Before you go ahead and sign up for our course, you need to know why some good employee experience is so essential. Some benefits of a good digital employee experience are:

Increased Productivity Because Of Better Mood 

When you make sure all your employees are participating, providing value, and feeling included you’ll notice a massive increase in productivity. As psychology says, we all function better on a better, more motivated mood. You’ll find sales going out the roof and your business progressing more than ever.

Innovation Of Newer Technologies

Along with productivity comes the factor of innovation. When your employees function better, you can damn well know that they are going to come up with some unexpected ideas and innovations. This benefits every organization in every way. 

The Organization Will Save A Lot Of Money 

Many people leave an organization after working for about 6 months or so. Why so? Well, the main reason is typically poor employee experience. Because of this, the companies end up spending a lot of money on recruitments and training programs for newbies. 


But when you ensure a good employee experience, or more particularly digital employee experience, in this case, you’ll save a lot of money. 

Measuring Digital Employee Experience 

When it comes to measuring their digital experience, you can simply ask your employees how they feel and what their feedback is. Other than that, you can use digital experience monitoring. Measuring methods like these basically collects data like latency time, network saturation, app performance and CPU usage. 


Based on such data your IT department can identify and quantify the experience of all your employees. The information gathered can provide you with a DEX score, which will show exactly how your employees are doing and feeling. 


Learn How To Improve It From Learning Labs 

Increase your digital employee experience score by learning from the experts. Here at Learning Labs, we have the most experienced and intellectual HR experts who have been studying digital HR and its tropes for several years. 


In the courses at Learning Labs, you will get to learn how to improve the DEX score for your employees for a pretty affordable price. 

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