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11 March 2021 starting at 8:00am PST



March 11th, 2021

8:00-8:25am PT - Al Adamsen, Founder & CEO at PAFOW - People Data for Good: How to Embrace Our Opportunity & Responsibility
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8:30-8:55am PT - Al Adamsen, Founder & CEO at PAFOW - Employee Experience Model & Nuances of Design Thinking
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9:00-9:45am PT - Samantha Woods, VP HR Innovation Lab, Employee Experience, Employer Attractiveness at Orange - Employee Experience: Delivering on the Brand Promise
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10:00-10:45am PT - Shweta Bandi, Director HR Technology & Employee Experience at Adobe - Connecting HR Technology & Employee Experience
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11:00-11:45am PT - Melissa Arronte, PhD., EX Solutions Principal at Medallia - Employees Don't Just Want to be Listened To. They Want to be Heard.
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12:00-1:00pm PT - Lunch & Networking
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1:00-2:00pm PT - Break
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2:00-2:45pm PT - Ryan Malkes, Principal Consultant & Experience Designer at Leapgen - Work by Design: A 2021 Approach to Digital Workforce Experience
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3:00-3:45pm PT - Stacia Sherman Garr, Founder & Principal Analyst at RedThread Research - Employee Experience and How Its Guiding HR Process Design & Technology Selection
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